Suzy showed her generous nature by distributing super expensive gifts as Christmas gifts to the entire staff of the drama “Doona!“. Recently, Suzy also revealed her reasons for not giving a gift to Yang Se Jong, who is her co-star in “Doona!”.

This was revealed when Suzy and Se Jong were guest stars on the Salon Drip program which aired on the TEO 테오 YouTube channel. In the video shared on Tuesday (31/10), host Jang Do Yeon talked about Suzy’s generosity on the set of “Doona!”.

Se Jong then explained that Suzy had gifted super expensive scarves to the entire staff of “Doona!” on Christmas. “On that day, she (Suzy) gave super expensive scarves to every staff, even with handwritten letters,” said Se Jong promoting Suzy’s kindness.

However, Suzy corrected Se Jong’s words and admitted that he did not write a letter to the staff. Apart from that, Suzy admitted that she was happy because the staff seemed to like her gifts.

Unfortunately, Se Jong didn’t get a Christmas gift from Suzy. According to Suzy, she didn’t know the conditions at the shooting location at that time, so she only prepared gifts for the staff.

“I want to express how grateful I am, so I want the gift to look like it came from Santa Claus,” explained Suzy,

Furthermore, Do Yeon mentioned the fact that Se Jong’s birthday is December 23. It was very close to Christmas where Suzy only gave gifts to the staff.

Suzy looked shocked when she found out this fact. “That’s coming soon,” said the actress born in 1994.

Furthermore, Suzy attacked Se Jong again for not wishing her a happy birthday recently. Suzy and Se Jong then agreed that they had broken even.

“By the way, I had a birthday not long ago. I didn’t even get a chat,” said Suzy. “Sorry, I forgot,” said Se Jong. “We’re even,” said Suzy while high-fiving Se Jong.

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