Yang Se Jong and Suzy in Doona!

Suzy and Yang Se Jong underwent an interview with the Netflix YouTube channel K-Content in a video released on Friday (27/10). The two discussed the process of filming “Doona!” at the hospital where Suzy almost cried when Se Jong wore her socks.

Suzy initially revealed that pink socks were what made Doona (Suzy) and Won Jun (Se Jong) become closer. “Doona kept waiting for someone outside on cold winter days in thin clothes, and she fainted,” said Suzy.

“Won Jun took her to the hospital and he brought socks to warm her feet, according to the doctor’s prescription. But he bought socks that looked strange and were difficult to wear, which made them both giggle but Doona & Won Jun became closer,” added Suzy.

While filming that scene, Suzy almost cried. “I almost cried. I do Pilates, so I often wear socks. But it’s very difficult to wear them, inserting each toe at a time. And Won Jun had to put these socks on Doona,” Suzy confided.

Suzy apparently almost cried because the conditions on the shooting location were so funny. “It was funny. The way he struggled. And his socks became bent when he tried to wear them. Very funny,” said Suzy. “You moved your toes on purpose at that time,” interrupted Se Jong.

Suzy said Doona really liked the socks and wore them on various occasions. “By wearing socks, he feels more complete and stable. He started to like them, because Won Jun gave them to him,” said Suzy.

Doona wanted to wear those socks all the time. The beautiful woman also wanted to show Won Jun how much she appreciated the gift. “He will walk around in slippers and wear socks,” concluded Suzy.

Meanwhile, “Doona!” tells the story of Doona, who initially decided to retire from the entertainment industry because she could not stand the pressure from various parties. She lives in a boarding house near campus and meets Won Jun, who gives her happiness.

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