Bae Suzy in Doona!

Netflix released a video of the filming of “Doona!” which shows how good Suzy is at playing doll claws. The process of shooting the webtoon adaptation of the drama was completely different from the plot where Doona (Suzy) had difficulty getting a doll.

Before filming, the director of “Doona!” taught Suzy about how to go through the process of filming the play scene. “Focus on getting that one out. Aim specifically at the doll,” said the director.

The director reminded Suzy that she could ask Yang Se Jong for additional coins if necessary. “And if for example you run out of coins, tell him to take more,” added the director.

Bae Suzy in Doona!

However, the director reminded Suzy to continue pretending that she was having trouble getting the doll, even if she later succeeded. “What if the doll comes out?” asked Se Jong. “Then she has to act as if she didn’t do it,” stressed the director.

Se Jong’s suspicions were proven because Suzy was apparently really good at grabbing dolls. However, the actress still pretended that she had not succeeded in picking up the doll and asked Se Jong to give her a new coin so she could continue playing.

The shooting video also contains an interview where Se Jong gives praise to Suzy. “Suzy plays Doona so well. She does an extraordinary job connecting the flow of emotions. So, Doona is full of charm,” praised Se Jong.

Se Jong’s words embarrassed Suzy, but she praised her again. “I think she has a certain aura. When we were filming and she played Doona, I felt a certain aura from her,” added Se Jong.

Suzy also praised how Se Jong was so adorable when playing Won Jun. “Won Jun is adorable. Being adorable is the strongest weapon a person can have,” praised Suzy which made Se Jong embarrassed.

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