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Sung Hoon is now greeting the public through the drama titled “Perfect Marriage Revenge”. This is an adaptation drama from a popular webtoon of the same name. Unexpectedly, the drama broadcast by MBN reap praise from citizens.

Most citizens are interested in watching because they have read the “Perfect Marriage Revenge” webtoon. According to them, the drama version was unexpected and they had immediately watched the first two episodes unconsciously.

On the other hand, “Perfect Marriage Revenge” tells the story of Han Yi Joo (Jung Yoo Min), the woman who do contract marriages with a man named Seo Do Guk (Sung Hoon). The goal is to take revenge on the original husband.

Yi Joo is a painter who in the past was adopted by Han Jin Woong (Jeon no Min) and Lee Jung Hye (Lee Min Young). However, Yijoo was not loved by her parents and finally always isolated from her family. Now, Yi-joo is married to Jung Se Hyeok (Oh Seung Yun).

Unfortunately Yi Joo’s marriage also did not go smoothly because Se Hyeok even loved her sister Han Yoo Ra (Jin Ji Hee). Yi Joo had a car accident and died. But she came back to time when she was engaged to Se Hyeok.

Meanwhile, “Perfect Marriage Revenge” was broadcast on the Slot Saturday-Sunday night since 28 October. The first two episodes of this drama won a rating in the range of 1 percent. Even so, the players’ acting has received praise from the public.

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