Sung Hoon and Jung Yoo Min act in 'Perfect Marriage Revenge'

The MBN drama “Perfect Marriage Revenge” aired the 5th episode on Saturday (11/11) night. In this episode, Seo Do Kook (Sung Hoon) and Han Yi Joo (Jung Yoo Min) shows a cold expression when married.

In the previous episode, the relationship between Do Kook and Yi Joo was awkward as a result of the evil deeds of Seo Jeong Wook (Kang Shin Hyo), Han Yoo Ra (Jin Ji Hee), and Lee Jeong Hye (Lee Min Young). Now, the leak of the wedding scene of Do Kook and Yi Joo displays a cold atmosphere between the two.

Yi Joo looks beautiful wearing a white wedding dress and carrying a bouquet of flowers. Contrasting with her beautiful appearance, Yi Joo did not smile and put a cold expression.

Meanwhile, Do Kook also appeared dashing by wearing a black tuxedo suit. Just like Yi Joo, Do Kook did not smile at all and showed the expression like being angry. Even so, Do Kook still holds Yi Joo’s hand to walk forward.

Sung Hoon’s acting skills and Yoo Min are very shining in the scene. Korean media praised the way Sung Hoon and Yoo Min expressed complex emotions such as anger and surprise without dialogue.

According to the production team, the wedding story of Sung Hoon and Yoo Min’s contract will move in an unexpected direction. “The twists and turns of the wedding of Sung Hoon and Jung Yoo Min moved in an unexpected direction. Please watch the wedding scene of the two people, where unprecedented changes will be revealed, “explained the production team.

On the other hand, “Perfect Marriage Revenge” was adapted from a webtoon of the same name. This drama tells the story of Yi Joo who married a contract with Do Kook to take revenge on his original husband, Jung Se Hyeok (Oh Seung Yun).

Yi Joo was originally adopted by Jan Jin Woong (Jeon no Min) and Jeong Hye. Not getting love from the family, Yi Joo married Se Hyeok. However, Se Hyeok actually fell in love with Yi Joo’s sister, Han Yoo Ra.

One day, Yi Joo had a car accident and died. When opening his eyes, Yi Joo actually returned to the past when he was engaged to Se Hyeok. He also plans to revenge by undergoing a contract marriage with Do Kook.

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