Sullyoon NMIXX

NMIXX’s Sullyoon shares her own handmade pepero for fans. In the midst of her busy life, Sullyoon spent hours making special gifts on an equally special day.

Along with “Pepero Day”, Sullyoon shared the pepero she made while serving as an MC on the MBC music program “Music Core” on Saturday (11/11). The idol born in 2004 distributed Pepero as a form of thanks to fans who have provided support for her all this time.

Through Bubble, Sullyoon ensures that NSWER (NMIXX’s fandom) gets her pepero. Apart from that, she also talked about the process of making snacks in the form of mini stick-shaped biscuits covered in chocolate and various sweet toppings.

”Did you get pepero? “Yesterday I made Pepero because the recording day for ‘Music Core’ coincided with Pepero Day,” said Sullyoon.

Sullyoon NMIXX

Next, Sullyoon boasted about Bae’s services in helping her make pepero. If it wasn’t for Bae’s help, Sullyoon felt like it would have taken him twice as long to finish it.

”I want to make (pepero) and give it to NSWER. It took seven hours. Bae helps me a lot. If it wasn’t for him, I would have done the 14 hours on my own. “We are like a pepero factory,” explained Sullyoon.

After Sulyoon distributed pepero, fans uploaded the snack to social media and forums. No wonder, fans’ posts about Sullyoon’s pepero made netizens jealous.

“It must be really nice to be her fan,” said one netizen. “I envy NMIXX fans,” said another netizen. “Wow, what a versatile idol who knows how to appreciate fans,” added another.

Meanwhile, Sullyoon and NMIXX made their debut with “O.O” in February 2022. Sullyoon is currently the permanent MC of “Music Core” along with Lee Jung Ha and The Boyz’s Younghoon.

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