Suho EXO in Behind Your Touch

The mystery of the serial killer in “Behind Your Touch” still makes viewers curious. In the latest episode, Kim Seon Woo (Suho EXO), who was once suspected as the killer, instead becomes a victim of the serial killer.

In episode 14 which aired on Sunday (24/9), Jeon Gwang Sik (Park No Shik) was found murdered. Moon Jang Yeol (Lee Min Ki) again suspects Kim Seon Woo of being the serial killer who terrorized them. However, Bong Ye Bun (Han Ji Min) still believes that Seon Woo was not the perpetrator.

After that, Ye Bun was surprised to find the knife that was the murder weapon in Seon Woo’s workshop. He immediately ran away from the workshop. Seon Woo tried to chase him with the knife, but this made Ye Bun run even faster.


On the way, Ye Bun actually meets the real killer. The killer’s face was not visible because he was wearing a raincoat that covered his head.

Seon Woo, who was following Ye Bun from behind, then took the doctor and asked him to run away. However, the killer managed to catch up with them and tackled Seon Woo to the ground.

Suho EXO in Behind Your Touch

The killer was about to attack Ye Bun with the knife that Seon Woo was carrying. However, Seon Woo held the killer’s leg until he fell. Seon Woo, who tried to restrain the killer, then told Ye Bun to run away.

Ye Bun runs away and hides, then calls Jang Yeol for help. After that, he decided to help Seon Woo by bringing a shovel as a weapon. However, when Ye Bun returned to the scene, Seon Woo was lying with a stab wound in his chest.

In the preview for the next episode, it is shown that Seon Woo died as a result of the attack. Ye Bun was angry with Jang Yeol who continued to suspect Seon Woo until the end.

“Seon Woo is dead. What are you going to do!” Ye Bun shouted at Jang Yeol.

Seon Woo’s death in “Behind Your Touch” shocked many viewers. Some even apologized for suspecting Seon Woo of being a serial killer.

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