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Having not appeared for a long time since the final encore concert in Seoul, South Korea, last August, SUGA BTS recorded the latest record in the history of his musical career which has lasted approximately 13 years.

iTunes charts reported that Agust D’s (BTS SUGA’s stage name as solo rapper) three solo albums Agust D, D-2, and D-DAY have reached number one in 100 countries. The only other musician who previously recorded a similar achievement was Taylor Swift through her four albums, Reputations, 1989, Lover, and Speak Now.


The Agust D album is SUGA’s debut mixtape as a solo musician which was released in 2016. Through this mixtape, SUGA BTS conveys his emotional turmoil regarding haters, the world of rap music in Korea, and life’s struggles from the beginning to becoming a star.

In 2020, when the pandemic first broke out in the world, the rapper who was born Min Yoongi released D-2, the second mixtape of Daechwita’s main song. On this mixtape, he documents himself at 28 years old and has become a world superstar.

Then, in 2023, SUGA released D-Day which is the final album in the Agust D trilogy. Apart from that, D-Day is also SUGA’s first solo album, previously Agust D and D-2 were released only in mixtape format.

Previously, the D-Day album also managed to spend six consecutive weeks on the Billboard 200 music chart. In the last week ending June 3 2023, the D-Day album still remained on the Billboard 200 at position 131. This achievement included SUGA’s name as a soloist. The third K-Pop to be on the Billboard 200 chart for six weeks.

Shortly after completing the encore concert, BigHit Music released an announcement that surprised BTS fans or ARMY. The reason is, the agency revealed that SUGA will soon undergo military service without announcing the date and time of departure for the rapper and producer of a number of the most popular K-Pop songs.

“We would like to inform our fans that SUGA has gone through the military enlistment process by applying for termination, postponement of his enlistment, we will notify you of further updates in time” read BigHit’s announcement regarding SUGA’s military enlistment.

Referring to the regulations on the suspension of military registration from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of South Korea, SUGA’s remaining time to register for military service is only until the end of 2023. It is very likely that SUGA will become a conscript without carrying out active army training, but as a social worker. This prediction is not without reason.

SUGA has a medical history that is considered not ideal for being a soldier. He underwent surgery to suture a ruptured labrum on his left shoulder due to a motorbike accident in 2013.

The accident that occurred when SUGA was still a trainee caused a dislocated shoulder. He hid his illness from the BTS members and the agency because he was worried about being eliminated and failing to debut. As a result, in 2019, his shoulder condition worsened, causing a posterior labral tear.

Only in November 2020, SUGA underwent surgery to suture a ruptured labrum. The side effects of the operation made SUGA unable to lift his arm very high for a long time.

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