Song Kang in 'Sweet Home 2'

“Sweet Home 2” finally released a new poster on Monday (6/11). In the new poster, Cha Hyun Su (Song Kang) turns into a half-human, half-monster.

The poster shows Hyun Su being surrounded in a destroyed stadium. A number of armed troops attacked him from behind, and a helicopter illuminated him from above, adding to the intense impression.

Except for his right hand which has been transformed into monster wings, Hyun Su is still in human form. With his clothes torn to shreds, Hyun Su spread his monster wings upwards.

Apart from that, the poster is also equipped with the words, “Will you remain a monster or remain human”.

Song Kang in 'Sweet Home 2'

On the other hand, Song Kang himself feels that he has developed through this project. “I was hungry for deeper, more dramatic emotional elements, and ‘Sweet Home’ quenched that thirst. “I can develop that much,” explained the actor born in 1994.

Meanwhile, Director Lee Eung Bok explained that “Sweet Home 2” will focus on Hyun Su’s process of not giving up his humanity until the end. This series is ready to air on Netflix starting December 1!

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