Song Kang and Kim Yoo Jung in My Demon

“My Demon” released a behind-the-scenes video from the sixth episode which will definitely should not be missed. The reason is, the video shows how Song Kang and Kim Yoo Jung have to repeat filming the kiss scene for just one episode.

The shooting video shows the moment when Song Kang and Yoo Jung rehearse the kiss scene while being monitored by the director. After practicing, the main couple finally had their first official kiss scene in “My Demon”.

After that, they unitedly monitored the results of the kiss shooting. Song Kang and Yoo Jung looked like they were laughing when they saw the results. The video again shows the couple kissing again. In between the filming process, Song Kang and Yoo Jung were seen having a photo session together.

Song Kang and Kim Yoo Jung in My Demon

They returned to filming the scene where Song Kang holds Yoo Jung’s face before the kiss. Next, the two were once again filming a kiss, but the camera angle was changed. Song Kang and Yoo Jung still have to undergo one more kissing scene before filming ends.

On the other hand, Song Kang and Yoo Jung were once asked to assess the level of chemistry between them. Yoo Jung said, “I believe the score is 99.9 out of 100.” However, Song Kang responded with, “Then, I think it’s 99.8 out of 100.”

Hilariously, Yoo Jung didn’t seem to accept her co-star’s assessment number and said, “Oh, really? After thinking about it, I think it’s 99.7 out of 100.” Song Kang chuckled and realized that he had a similar personality to Yoo Jung.

Song Kang then said, “We are both quite rational people. We lean towards ‘T’ in the MBTI (Myers–Briggs Type Indicator) personality test. I seem to be 92 percent ‘T’ (rational) and 8 percent ‘F ‘ (emotional).”

Meanwhile, “My Demon” will present its latest episode again on Friday (15/12). The main couple in the SBS drama is now officially in a contract marriage. For those who are curious about the continuation of their story, don’t miss watching it.

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