Song Joong Ki

Song Joong Ki attended the film talk show “Hopeless” in Busan on Saturday (7/10). On this occasion, Joong Ki ran away when he was asked to dance to the song “Hype Boy” by NewJeans.

Other “Hopeless” players, namely actress and singer BIBI and actor Hong Sa Bin, were also present on this occasion. Joong Ki, Sa Bin, and BIBI were then asked to dance to the song “Hype Boy”.

The three of them looked nervous when the song was playing. BIBI even laughed and jumped up and down holding her head because she was so nervous.

Just raising his hand, Joong Ki laughed and stopped dancing. He then ran away and hid behind the director of “Hopeless“, Kim Chang Hoon.

When he saw him behind Chang Hoon, Sa Bin tried to drag Joong Ki back to the center of the stage. However, Joong Ki increasingly took cover behind Chang Hoon.

In the end, Joong Ki and Chang Hoon walked to the center of the stage. But the song had finished playing and they just clapped for BIBI.

After the “Hype Boy” dancing challenge was over, Joong Ki said, “So this is how you play when I’m not around? Our film is dark, but this is how you play?”. The audience laughed when they heard Joong Ki’s words.

The moment Joong Ki almost danced to “Hype Boy” and drew various comments from netizens. Many people regretted that they didn’t get to see Joong Ki dance.

“I panicked to start the screen recording but Joong Ki didn’t even dance to Hype Boy,” commented one netizen. “OMG! We almost saw Joong Ki dancing #HypeBoy,” added another netizen.

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