Song Joong Ki

Song Joong Ki hosted announcer Ahn Hye-kyung’s wedding. According to recent reports, the 1985-born actor hosted Ahn Hye-kyung’s wedding, Sunday (24/9), and conveyed his blessing.

Joong Ki married British actress Katy Louise Saunders in January and announced the birth of his son last June. While raising his baby with his son overseas, the actor returned to Korea on September 19 to attend the press preview for “Hopeless” on September 22 and begin his official schedule to promote the film.

After the press preview, Joong Ki’s second schedule was Hye-kyung’s wedding. Due to his close relationship with the broadcaster and her future husband, Joong Ki decided to take responsibility for hosting their wedding despite his busy schedule in Korea.

Regarding Joong Ki’s decision, an official told Sports World, “If you know Song Joong Ki’s personality well, you will understand why he agreed to host the wedding. This shows Song Joong Ki’s loyalty to his friends and that he wants to look after them until the end.”

Hye-kyung will hold her wedding at a wedding hall in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on September 24 after dating the broadcasting staff for about a year. She debuted in 2001 when she was selected as a weather forecaster in MBC’s open recruitment.

Since her debut, Hye-kyung has spread good influence by continuing to do volunteer work, from helping abandoned dog shelter facilities to supporting food for isolated neighbors, donating briquettes, and participating in sports days with children in orphanages.

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