Song Ji Hyo in Running Man

Song Ji Hyo sparked controversy after the broadcast of the latest episode of “Running Man” on Sunday (10/12). In the 683rd episode, the actress made a joke saying that Ji Suk Jin should have a second child in celebration of her 60th birthday.

“Today, I think about your second child. Day for your second child,” said Ji Hyo. “Day for my second child?” Suk Jin asked. “That’s right. I hope you have a passionate night,” continued Ji Hyo. The joke made Yoo Jae Seok also respond.

“Ji Hyo doesn’t seem to know what a 60th birthday party means,” said Jae Seok. The “Running Man” production team then shared the previous video when Ji Hyo also discussed Suk Jin who should have booked a hotel room with his wife.

“At this age, shouldn’t he book a hotel room today to make a second child?” said Ji Hyo. Because of Ji Hyo’s words, the “Running Man” members tried to explain that Ji Hyo seemed to have misunderstood a birthday celebration with a wedding.

Song Ji Hyo in Running Man

Suk Jin then protested by saying, “Viewers might think I’m really 60 years old. Make sure to make the word ‘early’ look big. Understand?” Suk Jin wants viewers to understand that they are celebrating his 60th birthday earlier than expected.

Suk Jin is currently 57 years old and will need another 3 years before he turns 60. As soon as this episode aired, viewers gave negative comments regarding Ji Hyo’s jokes which were considered inappropriate.

On the other hand, this is not the first time Ji Hyo has caused controversy on “Running Man”. The actress was previously criticized for being too quiet and not interacting with the other members throughout the episode. At that time, Ji Hyo was even demanded to leave “Running Man”.

Ji Hyo also attracted controversy for displaying portraits of 6 “Running Man” members right after Jeon So Min left. However, this controversy immediately disappeared after the “Running Man” members left sweet comments on Ji Hyo’s post. What do you think?

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