Jeon So Min and So Jin Hyo

Before leaving “Running Man”, Jeon So Min appeared compact with Song Ji Hyo. Ji Hyo and So Min’s compact moment was in the spotlight amidst rumors of not getting along between the two.

On Saturday (11/11), teaser photos for “Running Man” were released and the members wore school uniforms while visiting the amusement park. So Min and Ji Hyo show off their chemistry like sisters when they wear matching school uniforms, even though the vests are different colors.

So Min and Ji Hyo both wear uniforms with pleated skirts and vests. In the photos, the two are standing close to each other and walking together while spending time at an amusement park.

Previously on Friday (10/11), it was reported that Ji Hyo and So Min were not getting along by the Korean media. Local media suspected that they had a falling out because Ji Hyo uploaded a photo with the “Running Man” members on Instagram on November 6.

Ji Hyo’s post attracted attention because So Min was not there. In fact, Ji Hyo in her post showed a flashback with the “Running Man” members there.

Another reason why Ji Hyo’s post is in the spotlight is because the beautiful actress hasn’t made an upload about “Running Man” for a long time. Apart from that, the timing of Ji Hyo’s upload of the flashback was made not long after So Min decided to leave, making Korean media even more suspicious of the existence of conflict between the female members of “Running Man”.

As soon as rumors of Ji Hyo and So Min not getting along surfaced, Korean netizens gave mixed reactions. Some defended Ji Hyo and thought that the media had created excessive speculation through an ordinary post. Meanwhile, others criticized Ji Hyo and accused the “The Witch’s Diner” actress of ignoring So Min’s feelings.

On the other hand, So Min decided to leave “Running Man” after 6 years of joining. After thorough discussions, the 1986-born actress chose to leave and focus on restoring her energy to become active again for acting.

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