Song Hye Kyo

Yesterday (17/7/2023), Song Hye Kyo, through her agency UAA, released an apology to residents. Song Hye Kyo made a deep apology to the residents around the house she was building. There was an accident that caused the residents’ cars to be damaged.

“Hello, this is UAA. There was an accident where a resident’s vehicle was damaged during the process of building Song Hye Kyo’s house. We apologize for inadequate safety management,” wrote the agency representing Song Hye Kyo.

She is not only apologizing, She is also committed to replacing all forms of damage caused by negligence during the construction process of her house. She also revealed that accidents like this would not happen again during the house construction process and she would coordinate with the construction party to be more careful.

“Above all, we apologize to the affected vehicle owners. We will cooperate with the construction company in seeking the best possible measures for compensation and preventive or preventive measures, ensuring that such incidents will not occur again,” concluded the agency.

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