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The First Responders 2” features a death scene that drew criticism from the audience in the third episode. Bong Do Jin (Son Ho Joon) died while doing his job as a firefighter.

Even in a life-threatening situation, Do Jin gives his all to gather evidence against the serial arsonists. However, this dramatic turn of events provoked a negative reaction from the majority of the audience.

“I can’t even imagine the continuation of the drama without Bong Do Jin,” wrote one viewer. “His death wasn’t real, right? Please tell me that he will magically return in the next episode,” added another.

“How could they let him die? The essence of this series lies with Song Seol (Gong Seung Yeon) and Do Jin,” said another audience. “Amazing, why would they make the main character suffer such a tragic fate?” concluded another.

still cuts of drama The First Responders 2 (doc. SBS/The First Responders 2)

Despite the criticism, Son Ho Joon underwent interviews with local media regarding the plot of his death in “The First Responders 2”. The actor initially revealed that it was difficult for him to keep his character’s fate a secret because many people were curious.

“It’s hard to keep the story hidden. Everyone I meet asks me if I will die in the new season before it even airs. The strong affection and support for my character really reflects how viewers feel about real-life firefighters,” confided Ho Joon .

Ho Joon was not discouraged by his character’s death, but the actor felt sad that he was forced to leave “The First Responders 2” because of the storyline. “To be honest, I’m not discouraged about Do Jin’s death in season 2, because I’m already aware of it,” said the actor.

“Nevertheless, it’s sad to say goodbye to the amazing cast and crew I worked with on the drama,” concluded Ho Joon. Until now, many had hoped that the character Do Jin would come back to life. What do you think?

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