Yoona and Junho

SNSD’s Yoona (Girls’ Generation) was caught watching Lee Junho’s 2PM solo concert. Yoona recently returned from an overseas schedule on the same day, making the couple’s interactions in the drama “King The Land” steal the public’s attention.

On Sunday (14/1), Yoona was seen attending Junho’s solo concert entitled “The Day We Meet Again” at Jamsil Indoor Stadium, Seoul. Based on photos and videos circulating, Yoona came with other “King The Land” players. Yoona had just finished the “YOONITE” fan meeting in Hong Kong the previous night, Saturday (13/1)

Yoona and Junho

Being in the audience, Yoona together with Ahn Se Ha, Kim Jae Woon and Go Won Hee enjoyed the excitement of Junho’s concert. Their presence attracted the attention of the audience, so their photos quickly spread across online forums and social media.

As soon as Yoona and the cast of “King The Land” were revealed to be attending Junho’s concert, netizens welcomed it with excitement. News about Yoona’s arrival and Junho’s concert became trending on the Naver search engine. Apart from that, their friendship has received praise from many parties.

Yoona and Junho

“Yoona finished last night’s fan meeting around 10 o’clock, returned to Korea at midnight, arrived in Korea early in the morning and now she is attending Junho’s concert with the ‘King of The Land’ family, our sporty Yoona!” said one netizen.

“They may have built a strong bond after working together for so long,” said another netizen. “I hope they are dating in real life,” added another.

Previously, Yoona and Junho were paired in the drama “King The Land” in 2023. These two idols and actors born in 1990 were also involved in dating rumors while the drama was being broadcast. However, both agencies denied any special relationship and confirmed that Yoona and Junho were just friends.

As is known, both Yoona and Junho were members of the 2nd generation K-Pop group which was very famous at that time. While still active as idols, Yoona and Junho’s groups, SNSD and 2PM, were often involved in projects together.

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