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SNSD’s Yoona (Girls’ Generation) has officially renewed her contract with SM Entertainment. This is the third time Yoona has renewed her contract with the agency that has overseen her since her debut in 2007.

Yoona received praise from the Korean media for being so loyal to SM. It was reported that both parties, namely Yoona and SM, agreed to renew the contract based on mutual trust between each other. This 33 year old idol and actress is also expected to continue building her career as a multitalented entertainer with full support from SM.

The agency has also confirmed this news. SM confirmed the news that Yoona had renewed her contract and promised to continue to support the artist’s career in various fields, whether as a musician, presenter or actress.

“SM has renewed the contract with Lim Yoona, who has consistently maintained her top position since debut and received a lot of love. This contract was made based on the deep trust between the two parties. SM will give full efforts in supporting Lim Yoona to work actively in various fields , both on the small screen, TV and stage,” read SM’s statement.

SM believes Yoona can become an idol who will continue to shine and be loved by fans. “She can continue to shine and become a globally influential artist. In the future, please continue to love and look forward to Lim Yoona,” he added.

Even though her activities as a group with Girls’ Generation are few and far between, Yoona will certainly remain active in her solo career. One of the activities that Yoona will carry out in the near future is “FAN MEETING TOUR: YOONITE”. Where Yoona will visit several countries in Asia to greet fans.

The first event will be held in Seoul, South Korea on January 6-7 2024. Apart from that, Yoona is also waiting for the premiere of her latest film entitled “2 O’Clock Date”. In this latest project, Yoona is paired with Ahn Bo Hyun. This film is highly anticipated by the audience because it presents a romantic story between the two actors wrapped up in a suspenseful way.

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