Sooyoung in "Wife" Performance

SNSD’s Sooyoung is currently starring in the theater performance “Wife”. However, the idol actress faced an unpleasant incident because someone took a photo of Sooyoung while changing clothes on the performance stage.

The “Wife” finally responded by explaining how they had missed it. “Because of the nature of the performance venue, there are blind spots that cannot be seen directly by the human eye, and we were not aware of them,” said the show.

However, “Wife” emphasized that they would strengthen security so that what happened to Sooyoung would not happen again in the future. “Internally, we plan to increase staff at the show venue,” added the show.

“Because Choi Sooyoung is so popular, there are many foreign viewers. The existing guide messages are only in Korean, so we plan to add guides in English and strengthen the announcements in Round 2,” they emphasized.

Sooyoung in "Wife" Performance

“Wife” also plans to take legal action against the perpetrators who photographed and uploaded illegal portraits of Sooyoung. “Continuous monitoring is planned in this regard,” the show concluded.

Previously, netizens complained that men were seen taking lots of photos when Sooyoung was acting on stage as the character Daisy. The person took out a DSLR and took photos freely without any staff blocking him.

In general, it is illegal to film or photograph any part of a stage theater performance. Many expressed their concerns that the production was not doing enough to warn viewers who were breaking the rules.

Meanwhile, “Wife” is a theater performance about the stories of women in four generations, from 1959 to 2046. This theater also tells the story of a queer couple who live as a minority in society. “Wife” is now playing at the LG Arts Center.

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