With his comeback song entitled ‘Guilty,’ Taemin beat Jungkook’s ‘Standing Next to You’ and IVE’s ‘Baddie’. The idol won with a total score of 6420.

SHINee’s Taemin appeared on MBC “Music Core” on Saturday (11/11) and managed to beat BTS Jungkook and IVE. Apart from his victory, the encore stage performed by the singer born in 1993 also attracted attention.

With his comeback song entitled “Guilty,” Taemin beat Jungkook’s “Standing Next to You” and IVE’s “Baddie”. The owner of the full name Lee Taemin won with a total score of 6420.

After receiving the winning trophy, Taemin performed “Guilty” on the encore stage. The youngest SHINee member showed his stable vocals, and was shy when performing the choreography where he put his hands into his clothes.

Watching Taemin’s encore performance, fans commented that the idol never disappoints them with his voice and dancing. Not only fans, even non-fans also gave praise to the idol who started his career in 2008.

“This is how you should do an encore,” commented netizens. “He can sing in the encore while having fun,” said another netizen. “This is Taemin’s first solo live encore after 4.5 years,” said another.

In his victory speech, Taemin said, “I’m making a comeback after 2 years and 5 months. Thank you for giving me a nice award, first place. More than anything, thank you so much SHINee WORLD, jjakggoong who love and support me! I will show you my true side better than me as an artist! Thank you!”

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