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Actor Ryu Seung Ryong recently revealed his family’s reaction when watching the drama “Moving” in which he starred. In this drama, Seung Ryong plays Jang Ju Won who has the power of regeneration and quickly recovers from all wounds. Ju Won’s strength makes him one of the most beaten up characters in “Moving“.


Apart from that, Ju Won also has a very sad life story. Starting from being betrayed by his subordinates, being abandoned by his beloved wife, to having to raise his daughter alone.

Seung Ryong admitted that he never told the plot of “Moving” to his family. So when they watched the drama “Moving” themselves, Seung Ryong’s children cried.

“My sons are in 3rd grade of junior high school and 3rd year of high school. They cried when they watched (‘Moving’). This is the first time I saw his eyes looking at me like that,” said Seung Ryong. “They’re getting better.”


Apart from that, the action scene where Jung Won was severely beaten in “Moving” also made Seung Ryong’s wife and mother cry. “I don’t talk about work at home. This is because I have a strong desire to present my work as an event. But ‘Moving’ is quite cruel for the family (with intense and explicit action). The children were shocked, my wife and mother cried ,” he explained.

Seung Ryong’s two sons were touched by their father’s acting in “Moving”. They also help their father to operate his social media.

“This is fan service that I can do. I do it a little whenever I have time. I look good at using Instagram. In fact, my two sons help me,” he explained.

Previously, Seung Ryong also praised actress Go Yoon Jung who plays his daughter in “Moving”. Before filming, Seung Ryong even presented Yoon Jung with a bouquet of flowers.

“Thanks to Go Yoon Jung’s role as Hee Soo, she became the driving force behind my heart, a motivation that could replace Ji Hee (Ju Won’s wife, played by Kwak Sun Young),” he said.

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