Kim Tae Ri in Little Forest

Kim Tae Ri, Ryu Jun Yeol and Kim Woo Bin were guest stars on PD Na’s YouTube channel which was released on January 5. On that occasion, Tae Ri felt that Jun Yeol had been lied to her when they were filming “Little Forest” in 2018.

Tae Ri revealed, “I tried very hard to bond with Ryu Jun Yeol when we first met (on the film set). However, everything he said seemed like a lie to me. It made me curious.”

Tae Ri revealed that Jun Yeol seemed to be hiding behind a “mask”. The actress is determined to find out what is behind the actor’s “mask” one day. After Tae Ri said goodbye, it was Jun Yeol’s turn to provide clarification.

Jun Yeol said, “At first, she asked me some questions. Since we both debuted around the same time, we had the same worries and made the same mistakes.”

Jun Yeol and Tae Ri talked a lot during the filming of the film “Little Forest”. They become aware of how different each other’s personalities are. “I’m the type of person who is quite relaxed and rarely feels nervous, but Kim Tae Ri has a lot of things on her mind,” continued Jun Yeol.

Kim Tae Ri in Little Forest

Jun Yeol revealed that Tae Ri became quite upset after talking to him for the first time. “I remember he said, ‘I’m nervous about starring in this. Don’t you feel the same?’, and I answered, ‘But why? Don’t you just need to follow these steps?’,” continued Jun Yeol.

Jun Yeol’s words were immediately interrupted by Tae Ri. “No, what bothered me was the way you said it. It felt like you were saying, ‘There’s nothing in this world that can make me anxious’. You gave off a vibe that said, ‘I’m very happy’,” Tae Ri recalled.

Tae Ri then greeted PD Na by saying, “I thought he was lying. I believed that no human could be like that. So I tried to find out what kind of person he was, and we finally became friends,” concluded Tae Ri.

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