Ryeoun in Death's Game

Actor Ryeoun appeared as a cameo in the TVING original drama “Death’s Game”. Even though it was brief, Ryeoun’s appearance was enough to shock the audience.

In the first episode, Ryeoun appeared as one of the PDs of the television station that broadcast Song Jae Seob’s (Sung Hoon) skydiving action. In the story, Choi Yi Jae’s (Seo In Guk) soul suddenly enters Jae Seob’s body when the athlete is doing this extreme sports action.

Jae Seob attempted to break the world record by jumping from a height of 8,000 meters without a parachute. Jae Seob’s action was also broadcast on the television station where Ryeoun works.

The director of the television station then promised to provide paid leave for all his subordinates if Jae Seob’s broadcast ratings managed to exceed 25 percent. Ryeoun, who was in charge of monitoring ratings, was excited when he heard the announcement.

The closer Jae Seob gets to the ground, the higher the broadcast rating figures will be. Yi Jae, who is in Jae Seob’s body, is confident that he can land safely and get 3 billion from his sponsor.

Ryeoun in Death's Game

“I can do it!” Yi Jae shouted as he approached the ground.

Unfortunately, Yi Jae passed through the runway provided and landed on the ground. He died instantly.

When all the viewers and television station staff were silent when they saw Jae Seob’s death, PD Ryeoun cheered happily. ”(Rating) We reached 30 percent! Yes! We get paid time off!” PD Ryeoun exclaimed as he jumped from his chair.

Ryeoun’s cameo scene succeeded in making the audience shocked and laugh out loud. Some netizens think that Ryeoun is like returning to his role as the character Ha Eun Gyeol in the drama “Twinkling Watermelon”. There was also no idea that Sung Hoon’s character would experience a tragic death so quickly.

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