Twinkling Watermelon

The drama “Twinkling Watermelon” aired episode 8 on Tuesday (17/10). In the latest episode, Ha Eun Gyeol (Ryeoun) admits that he likes Choi Se Kyung (Seol In A). However, this confession was a strategy prepared by Eun Gyeol so that he was praised as smart by the audience.

In episode 8, it was revealed that Eun Gyeol had not returned to 2023 and was still in 1995. He was just unconscious and dreamed of returning to 2023.

After that, Eun Gyeol met On Eun Yu (Seol In A). Eun Yu is the daughter of Choi Se Kyung (Seol In A) who comes from 2023 and pretends to be her mother in 1995.

Eun Yu has a mission to unite Se Kyung with her first love. Thus, Se Kyung will not marry her future husband and Eun Yu will not be born into the world.

Twinkling Watermelon

When he met Eun Gyeol, Eun Yu asked him to tell Ha Yi Chan (Choi Hyun Wook) who was worried about his whereabouts. However, Eun Gyeol went berserk because he didn’t like seeing the fake Se Kyung or Eun Yu near Yi Chan.

“What’s wrong with Yi Chan that you behave like this?” Eun Yu asked. “There seems to be a misunderstanding. I don’t hate Yi Chan, but I don’t like you being around Yi Chan,” said Eun Gyeol.

In the end, Eun Yu told Yi Chan where Eun Gyeol was. Yi Chan then went to Eun Gyeol’s school and performed with his band. Yi Chan asks Eun Gyeol to come back and promises to change.

“Se Kyung already told me Ha Eun Gyeol. I was wrong. I will work hard in the future,” promised Yi Chan.

In response to this, Eun Gyeol asked Yi Chan to promise not to approach Se Kyung. Because Eun Gyeol admits that he likes Se Kyung.

“Okay, let’s do it. On the other hand, don’t meet Choi Se Kyung. Otherwise, we can’t be together. Because I like Choi Se Kyung,” said Eun Gyeol, surprising everyone.

Eun Gyeol’s confession was aimed at making Yi Chan stay away from Se Kyung. In this way, Eun Gyeol can unite her parents, namely Yi Chan and Chung A.

Eun Gyeol’s surprising confession also shocked many viewers. Some praised Eun Gyeol as smart for thinking of a good strategy to safeguard the future. However, there are also those who suspect that Eun Gyeol will really fall in love with the fake Se Kyung or Eun Yu.

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