In the drama Destined With You, as a result of drinking the wrong love potion, the character played by Rowoon becomes completely furious with Jo Bo Ah. He plays Jang Shin Yu, a charming and charismatic lawyer. Meanwhile, Jo Bo Ah transforms into Lee Hong Jo, a civil servant from the City Park Management Division.

Jang Shin Yu, who initially didn’t like Lee Hong Jo, suddenly changed after drinking the wrong love potion. Even though sometimes Lee Hong Jo feels uncomfortable, it cannot be denied that he blushes several times. Come on, let’s see the sweet treatment of Jang Shin Yu who is really in love

1. Love to praise

Rowoon and Jo Bo Ah in the drama Destined with You (

After drinking a misdirected love potion, Jang Shin Yu’s attitude towards Lee Hong Jo changed drastically. If previously he often said hurtful words when they met, now he often teases them with sweet sentences.

Jang Shin Yu didn’t even hesitate to say he loved and missed Lee Hong Jo. He also often praises Lee Hong Jo for being beautiful and always charming every time he meets her. Who doesn’t get excited about being like Jang Shin Yu? Even though half of her heart refused, Lee Hong Jo still blushed at the sweet words she heard.

2. Giving alot Attention

Rowoon and Jo Bo Ah in the drama Destined with You (

Jang Shin Yu’s sweet attitude is not just limited to words. He always pays special attention to Lee Hong Jo, one of which is calling hee every day. Lee Hong Jo did not deny that she felt cared for, because of Jang Shin Yu’s call she felt less lonely than before.

Jang Shin Yu’s attention didn’t stop there, he even proposed installing street lights at the Lee Hong Jo complex. The excuse was made by the mayor because the complex was prone to crime. Lee Hong Jo, who had never been paid attention to this deeply, of course felt so happy.

3. Always have a spare time for her

Rowoon and Jo Bo Ah in the drama Destined with You (

Who else if not Jang Shin Yu who always comes to Lee Hong Jo’s house every day. Whatever the reason, he always makes time to come, from feeling homesick to just wanting to say something. Jang Shin Yu always tries to spare time for Lee Hong Jo.

Jang Shin Yu didn’t even hesitate to follow Lee Hong Jo who was about to commemorate her father’s death ceremony. Lee Hong Jo, who was used to doing it herself every year, felt so touched by Jang Shin Yu’s presence by her side. She even expressed her sincere gratitude to Jang Shin Yu.

After realizing that the love potion had misfired, Lee Hong Jo and Jang Shin Yu tried to counteract it. However, it turned out to be all in vain, because they had to accept their respective fates. Do you think Jang Shin Yu and Lee Hong Jo’s romance will continue in the future? Stay tuned for the next episode of Destined With You!

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