My Lovely Liar

Lee Kang Min’s character, played by Seo Ji Hoon in the drama My Lovely Liar, received attention from the audience. The reason is that he had to break up with Mok Sol Hee (Kim So Hyun), even though he still had feelings for her.

In the end, Lee Kang Min had to accept the fate that now Mok Sol Hee had set her heart on another man. Actually, what did Lee Kang Min do wrong to end the relationship? Read more here.

1. Not being open to each other

Seo Ji Hoon in the drama My Lovely Liar (

Lee Kang Min was declared to be suffering from stage 3 cancer by doctors. For that reason, he tried to lie to Mok Sol Hee. Even though Mok Sol Hee has the ability to detect lies, Mok Sol Hee finally concludes that Lee Kang Min no longer has feelings for her.

Even though Lee Kang Min meant lying because he didn’t want Mok Sol Hee to be sad and in trouble. But his lie was caught with a different purpose by Mok Sol Hee. After breaking up for a long time, Mok Sol Hee finally found out about Lee Kang Min’s illness. She felt guilty for drawing her own conclusions.

If Lee Kang Min was honest, Mok Sol Hee actually didn’t mind. Mok Sol Hee can stay by Lee Kang Min’s side and accompany him until he recovers. But the result of Lee Kang Min’s attitude not being open actually caused the end of their relationship.

2. Not completely trusting your partner

Seo Ji Hoon in the drama My Lovely Liar (

Mok Sol Hee has actually said that she has the ability to detect the truth. She said this when she was still dating Lee Kang Min. But at that time, Lee Kang Min didn’t really understand what Mok Sol Hee meant so he didn’t believe it.

Who would have thought that Lee Kang Min’s distrust had such a big impact on their relationship. After meeting again, Lee Kang Min only understood the meaning of Mok Sol Hee’s abilities. If he had believed sooner, their relationship would have remained fine until now.


Sometimes doubts in your partner will have a negative impact on a relationship. Therefore, when deciding to have a relationship, accept their strengths and weaknesses as a form of trust.

3. Too late in trying to get Mok Sol Hee’s love back

Seo Ji Hoon in the drama My Lovely Liar (

Lee Kang Min was too late to return to Mok Sol Hee. In the end, Mok Sol Hee has moved on from him and given her heart to another man. If Lee Kang Min realized the mistakes he had made earlier, there was a big possibility that Mok Sol Hee would understand.

But Lee Kang Min was too hesitant to approach Mok Sol Hee again. His indecisiveness made him late and far behind Mok Sol’s current girlfriend. In the end he could only keep his love to himself.

Lee Kang Min is actually a good person, it’s just that a small mistake he made caused his love relationship to end just like that. Even though he regretted his own actions, the situation remained unchanged. In the end, Lee Kang Min could only accept and move on.

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