My Happy Ending

My Happy Ending is one of the Korean dramas that has attracted a lot of attention, because Seo Jae Won’s story is still unclear even though it is at the end of the story. While it was exciting and heading towards the climax, My Happy Ending didn’t even show episodes 13 and 14.

I wonder why? Just take a look at the complete reasons and new broadcast schedule below!

1. My Happy Ending episodes 13 and 14 were not broadcast

My Happy Ending

Episode 12 which aired on Sunday (4/2/2024) succeeded in making the audience curious. Apart from the storyline approaching its climax, in fact the audience is also looking forward to Seo Jae Won’s relationship with Te O starting to warm up.

However, unfortunately episodes 13 and 14, which were scheduled for February 10 and 11, did not air. Several dramas and programs such as Flex x Cop and Unanswered Questions also did not broadcast their latest episodes. This immediately made the audience wonder.

2. My Happy Ending was not broadcast because of Chinese New Year

My Happy Ending

Reporting from Gukje News, the drama My Happy Ending did not air because of Chinese New Year. The Saturday and Sunday drama slots were replaced by the Powerful Opponents program.

TV Chosun as the pay television network that produces My Happy Ending also entertained netizens by releasing a highlight clip for episode 11 on its official Instagram.

3. New broadcast schedule for My Happy Ending

My Happy Ending

The latest episodes of My Happy Ending are also scheduled to air on February 17 and 18. Viewers have to be patient to see Seo Jae Won start to act against Kwon Yoon Jin

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