It seems that the title of Goddess Water Bomb HyunA, Jessi, to Sunmi this year must be shifted by the appearance of young female idols who recently managed to make the audience fall in love, namely Kwon Eunbi ex IZ*ONE and Arin Oh My Girl.

Both of them are said to have given a very fresh appearance at the 2023 Water Bomb Festival. So, here are the reasons Kwon Eunbi and Arin Oh My Girl deserve to be called the Goddess of Water Bomb after rocking the festival stage. Check this out!

1. Kwon Eunbi dared to throw away her innocent image

Known for her innocent image when she was active as a member of IZ*ONE, Kwon Eunbi’s appearance at the 2023 Water Bomb Festival really surprised fans. Moreover, the majority of them didn’t expect the idol to leave her innocent image this year.

Kwon Eunbi confidently accepted the offer to participate in the Water Bomb Festival which was held in the summer with an audience that was required to be 18 years and over. And guess what, her debut on the stage was considered a great success.

2. Kwon Eunbi shows off her sensual figure

Because it’s held in the summer, the artists choose clothes that are relatively light and open to captivate the audience when performing. This has also been done by Kwon Eunbi at the Seoul and Nagoya Water Bomb Festivals.

At the festival, she flaunted her sensual figure in a plaid bikini top, ivory see-through outer or cardigan, and a white miniskirt. Then when performing in Japan, she appeared with a red bra top and a black cardigan.

3. Arin Oh My Girl flaunts the aura of a summer queen

Together with Oh My Girl, Arin has been called the summer queen because her songs are so fresh. When she appeared at the Water Bomb Festival in Seoul, her appearance was greeted enthusiastically by fans because this event was considered suitable for her.

Fans considered Arin’s appearance with her youthful soul to be so fresh when she appeared at the Seoul Water Bomb Festival with Oh My Girl members. Apart from that, her cheerful and playful aura also makes it easy for her to captivate the audience.

4. Arin Oh My Girl shows a sexy side

Apart from being called the summer queen, Arin has also shown her sensual and sexy side at the recent Seoul Water Bomb Festival. This is what finally makes fans see a different side of her with an outfit that really describes summer.

Even when the Oh My Girl members combined denim bottoms together, Arin instead displayed a fresh denim-on-denim look and immediately became widely discussed in various online communities. You must also agree that the two of them are called the Goddess of Water Bomb this year, right?

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