In Nineteen to Twenty (2023), Jung Yun and Ji Woo are involved in an unusual relationship. This is because both of them have become even more special since the sweet moment that happened on the amusement park Ferris wheel.

Not surprisingly, Ji Woo has more expectations of Jung Yun’s attitude towards him. But it didn’t turn out as expected, even Ji Woo was disappointed to the point of crying. I guess, what’s the cause, huh? Come on, see the following brief review.

1. Jung Yun has quite a hard time behaving with his female friends, because he comes from an all-boys school

2. During the first date with Ji Woo, Jung Yun could not express his feeling and even looked more passive

3. Ji Woo already knows Jung Yun’s feelings through the look in his eyes. Ji Woo also wants Jung Yun to be more expressive

4. Ji Woo feels that Se Yeon is more able to fulfill his wishes than Jung Yun. Se Yeon is more expressive

5. On the other hand, Jung Yun looked even more enthusiastic when fighting over his dream date against Seo Hyeon

6. Ji Woo also had high hopes that Jung Yun would go on a dream date with her compared to other female friends

7. Even though he didn’t have any intention, Jung Yun seemed insensitive in paying attention to Ji Woo’s intentions and feelings for him

So what will happen to the continuation of Jung Yun and Ji Woo’s relationship? What’s more, Ji Woo said that it was too late for Jung Yun. On the other hand, many viewers hope that both can have happy ending in the final episode. You agree?

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