Marry My Husband

“Marry My Husband” continues to experience an increase in ratings as more episodes are broadcast. In the episode that aired on Tuesday (9/1), the drama pairing Park Min Young and Na In Woo succeeded in achieving a high rating reaching 7.6 percent.

The achievement of high ratings for “Marry My Husband” has attracted attention from the Korean media. They recently dissected the reasons why the drama starring Lee Yi Kyung was successful in achieving high ratings, even though it was not broadcast in a weekend slot.

According to Korean media, “Marry My Husband” attracted audiences because of its interesting plot and on-target acting. This drama tells the story of Kang Ji Won (Min Young), a woman who died because of her husband, Park Min Hwan (Yi Kyung).

Instead of going to the afterlife, Ji Won goes back 10 years before he died. The plot where Ji Won begins to take revenge on her husband and best friend, Jung Soo Min (Song Ha Yoon), who betrayed her, is considered very interesting.

“Marry My Husband” is considered to have succeeded in presenting a well-thought-out narrative. The fun part is watching Ji Won try to live a new life using her knowledge from the future.

Director Park Won Gook is also said to deserve praise for bringing together all the interesting elements in one drama. He combines tension and humor in several scenes. Viewers gave especially positive reactions to the upgrade of story elements from webtoon to drama.

However, “Marry My Husband” is not without its flaws. Some viewers criticized the drama’s cool color scheme and sometimes slow-paced moments. Na In Woo’s appearance as the character Yoo Ji Hyeok also felt a bit forced.

Apart from that, Ji Won’s new appearance has also become a hot topic of conversation. Some viewers were disappointed because Ji Won had short hair, not long hair like in the original webtoon. Others were happy when they saw the new appearance of the female lead.

“Her aura has changed, and she exudes a stronger vibe. Many people say they like her keeping long hair like in the webtoon, but I think Kang Ji Won in the webtoon still looks gentle, cutting her hair is like cutting off a painful past,” said a viewer .

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