Strong Girl Nam Soon

Strong Girl Nam Soon is a spin off of the Korean drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon which aired in 2016. This drama stars Lee Yoo Mi and Ong Seong Wu and brings back the theme of supernatural humans.

Nam Soon (Lee Yoo Mi) with her great strength helps detective Gang Hee Sik (Ong Seong Wu) eradicate drug dealers in Gangnam. Interestingly, Nam Soon’s character stands out with her cheerful and always happy side. What do you think the secret is? Check out the answer below!

1. Motivation to meet her biological parents

Strong Girl Nam Soon

One of the reasons for Gang Nam Soon’s happiness was meeting her real parents. The last time, when she was 5 years old, she was separated from her father in the hills of Mongolia. Nam Soon was found riding a horse named Ppapa.

The motivation to return to her parents’ arms was effective in making Nam Soon’s day more colorful. She self-taught Korean, liked Korean men, until finally she arrived in her home country. She also looks increasingly cheerful and happy to return to her homeland.

2. Have a caring adoptive parents

Strong Girl Nam Soon

After being separated from her parents, Gang Nam Soon was found by a native Mongolian couple. They cared for Nam Soon like their own child from childhood to adulthood. Of course, they are understanding parents. They did not forbid Nam Soon from flying to Korea because he wanted to meet her biological parents.

In fact, they are the main support system that fully supports their daughter. Before Nam Soon went home, they also provided a large pocket money from livestock.

3. Don’t focus on problems, but solutions

Strong Girl Nam Soon

Whatever problems are approaching Gang Nam Soon, they will definitely be resolved well. The first time she came to Korea, her belongings had to be confiscated at the airport. She also lost her passport and her money was completely stolen. People in general definitely feel sad continuously.

Moreover, in Korea, she doesn’t have any relatives. Nam Soon is more focused on finding a way out rather than getting confused in the problem. After being completely cheated, she built a makeshift house in a city park. Even though it sparked opposition from local residents, the house was able to stand temporarily.

4. Live in the middle of nature in Mongolia

Strong Girl Nam Soon

The average Mongolian population lives in the open. Likewise Nam Soon and her adoptive parents. The reason they live in peace is obtained through their simple daily lives. They kept horses and built sheep farms, living without contact with many people.

Nam Soon lives in the ger and enjoys her days happily there. It feels like she can overcome all problems easily thanks to her calmness. Even when she was cheated by a broker, she didn’t feel afraid of wandering around alone.

5. Be honest with yourself

Strong Girl Nam Soon

From any perspective, Gang Nam Soon is always honest with herself. She does not hesitate to say she is guilty when she makes a mistake. However, she also does not hesitate to respond to the actions of other people who bother her.

For her, living as she is is a source of happiness. Just look, Nam Soon looks very happy every day, right? In the midst of all the problems, she didn’t want anything else to eat away at her subconscious mind.

From the character Gang Nam Soon in Strong Girl Nam Soon, we learn that happiness doesn’t come for free. They can be obtained in each person’s own way. Don’t wait for happiness to come, but pick up the feeling of happiness you want!

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