Destined With You

“Destined With You” has indeed ended its broadcast. However, fans of this drama are still busy discussing the interesting properties used by the players. One of them is the engagement ring of Lee Hong Jo (Jo Bo Ah) and Jang Shin Yu (Rowoon), which have opposite prices.

Hong Jo and Shin Yu’s engagement rings are both from luxury jewelry brand, Tiffany & Co. Hong Jo wears The Tiffany Setting Engagement Ring In Platinum with a price of around 144 thousand USD before tax.

Destined With You

In contrast to Hong Jo’s, which was very expensive, the engagement ring Shin Yu wore was relatively cheap. The handsome lawyer is wearing a Tiffany T True Wide ring priced at around 2,275 USD before tax.

Before their touching engagement, Shin Yu also presented Hong Jo with a set of charming couple bracelets from the Tiffany & Co brand. There are two variations of the bracelet. First is the gold and white Tiffany Lock Bangle bracelet with diamond accents.

The price of the first variation of the bracelet reached 15.5 thousand USD. Meanwhile, the second variation of the Tiffany Lock Bangle comes in gold with diamond accents. This version costs a total of 11 thousand USD before tax.

On the other hand, when saying goodbye after starring in the drama, Bo Ah expressed her gratitude to the audience. “I want to express my sincere thanks to all the viewers who watched and supported ‘Destined With You’,” he said.

Rowoon also said the same thing when saying goodbye. The actor also revealed, “I am very happy to be able to play Jang Shin Yu, a character I really love. I hope you will remember Shin Yu for a long time,” said Rowoon.

Meanwhile, “Destined With You” ended broadcast with the highest rating throughout the broadcast, namely 13.1 percent. JTBC has not yet revealed the replacement drama in the Wednesday-Thursday night slot. Don’t miss watching it.

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