Doctor Slump

“Doctor Slump” is only a matter of days away from airing. Ahead of the broadcast, the JTBC drama production team presented photos of scenes as well as interviews of Park Shin Hye who was lined up to play the character Nam Ha Neul.

One of the things that Shin Hye discussed was the matter of her visiting a psychiatrist so she could fully act as the character Ha Neul, who was experiencing a decline in her life. “I had the opportunity to talk to a psychiatrist about acting,” said Shin Hye.

“The psychiatrist said that being depressed doesn’t mean you are helpless all day long. What difficulties do you have to face when you have various emotions? He said, ‘I just lost how to deal with the situation for a while’,” added Shin Hye.

Shin Hye used the psychiatrist’s advice as a benchmark when acting in “Doctor Slump”. “I want to properly depict the process of Ha Neul, who was helpless and anxious, able to recover thanks to his family and Jung Woo (Park Hyung Sik),” continued Shin Hye.

Doctor Slump

In her interview, Shin Hye also revealed that everyone experiences a downturn at least once in their life. “I also experienced that. As a result, I became anxious about the emotions felt by Ha Neul’s character,” continued Shin Hye.

The actress then revealed her hopes for the audience when watching “Doctor Slump”. “I want to welcome you with a work that can provide healing in an ordinary story,” concluded Shin Hye.

On the other hand, “Doctor Slump” tells the story of Ha Neul and Jung Woo who both experience decline in their work as doctors. A pair of high school friends meet again and provide healing to each other.

Meanwhile, “Doctor Slump” is prepared to be broadcast as a replacement for “Welcome to Samdal-ri” in the Saturday-Sunday night slot. This drama is scheduled to air starting January 27. Don’t miss watching it.

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