Park Seo Joon in Gyeongseong Creature

Park Seo Joon is currently starring in the drama “Gyeongseong Creature”. The actor, born in 1988, plays the character Jang Tae Sang, the owner of the Gold Treasure House who initially only cared about increasing his wealth.

Recently, drama critic Gong Hee Jung highlighted Seo Joon’s decision to star in “Gyeongseong Creature”. The critic apparently praised the actor for having the courage to star in a drama about Japanese colonialism.

“He is a popular actor in Japan, so it was not easy for him to agree to join a project set in a historical period. Japanese viewers will not be happy to see the past they want to hide revealed like this,” said critic Hee Jung.

The drama critic added, “Park Seo Joon’s participation in this project and his portrayal of his character in this work may have encouraged people to consider and understand what defines him.”

Previously, professor Seo Kyung Deok from Sungshin Women’s University praised the plot of “Gyeongseong Creature” which tells the historical story of Unit 731. “There are many reactions from viewers who are aware of historical facts about Unit 731 on social media,” wrote the professor.

According to professor Kyung Deok, Japanese audiences now finally know the historical facts about the cruel behavior of Japanese soldiers who conducted human experiments in 1945. “Korean content proves its power and great contribution in correcting historical events in Japan’s wartime through its broadcast on global OTT platforms, said the professor.

“Gyeongseong Creature” tells the story of Tae Sang and Yoon Chae Ok (Han So Hee) who enter Ongseong Hospital, where Japanese soldiers conduct experiments on humans. There, they have to face monsters created by soldiers’ experiments.

Meanwhile, “Gyeongseong Creature” closed with an open ending where Chae Ok came back to life because the monster virus had entered her body. This drama has announced that it will be working on season 2, which takes place 78 years after the events of season 1.

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