Park Min Young in Marry My Husband

Park Min Young attended the “Marry My Husband” press conference which was held on Monday (1/1). At the press conference, the beautiful actress openly revealed the suffering she experienced during 2023.

Min Young said, “2023 is a year where I suffer a lot physically, health, and mentally. So, when I was still thinking about whether I could really star in this project, the director contacted me.”

Min Young even revealed that she went to a psychiatrist to do tests. “Actually, even though it was only for a moment, I spent the whole time regretting it. When I did an electroencephalogram test at a psychiatrist, the level of my guilt was such that a red warning signal appeared,” he added.

Min Young began to remember the happiest moments in her life. “I think those moments really taught me what my main job is, when my happiest times are, and that I can shine when I act like I used to on set,” he continued.

Min Young apologized to fans and the public for her problems in 2023. “It would be better if I did this earlier, but I want to do it sincerely now when I am healthier,” she concluded.

Min Young’s suffering may be related to her ex-boyfriend, Kang, who has received public attention because he is suspected of having committed fraud. Dispatch revealed that Min Young and Kang were dating at the end of September 2022.

However, the agency confirmed that Min Young had broken up with Kang. In February 2023, Min Young was summoned by the prosecutor to testify in the legal case against Kang. Min Young’s agency emphasized that the actress was in no way involved in Kang’s actions.

On the other hand, Min Young will now make a comeback starring in “Marry My Husband” playing the character Kang Ji Won. The actress played this character so completely that she was willing to lose 37 kg of weight.

Meanwhile, “Marry My Husband” also stars Na In Woo, Song Ha Yoon, Lee Yi Kyung and Kikwang Highlight. The drama will premiere starting January 1. Don’t miss watching it.

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