Park Min Young in Marry My Husband

“Marry My Husband” will be broadcast soon. However, the tvN drama production team has promoted a lot to attract the attention of potential viewers. One of them released a poster of Park Min Young who appeared to be two opposite figures.

The poster for “Marry My Husband” shows Kang Ji Won (Min Young) who is seen being held by two different men. When held by Yoo Ji Hyeok (Na In Woo), Ji Won looked very happy wearing a pink dress and make-up that emphasized her beauty.

Park Min Young in Marry My Husband

Meanwhile, when she was being held by Park Min Hwan (Lee Yi Kyung), Ji Won looked very thin, wore glasses and didn’t seem to be wearing any make-up at all. Min Hwan himself also secretly held Jung Soo Min’s (Song Ha Yoon) hand.

This poster for “Marry My Husband” clearly depicts how the plot of the drama will take place. There is also quite striking writing in the form of, “Opportunity to change your destiny, make sure to get rid of the ‘trash’ in your life.”

On the other hand, “Marry My Husband” will tell the story of Ji Won, who initially suffered from cancer and caught her husband, Min Hwan, having an affair with Soo Min. Not feeling guilty, Min Hwan became angry and accidentally killed Ji Won.

Instead of dying, Ji Won surprisingly returned to the past 10 years. The woman intended to change her previous life full of suffering. He immediately broke off his relationship with Min Hwan, and made the man marry Soo Min.

Ji Won, who appeared with a new appearance after returning to the past, also started a relationship with Ji Hyeok. This man loved her so much and was willing to do anything for her, very different from Min Hwan who betrayed her.

Meanwhile, “Marry My Husband” is scheduled to be broadcast as a replacement for “A Bloody Lucky Day” in the Monday-Tuesday night slot. This drama will air starting January 1. Don’t miss watching it.

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