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In Behind Your Touch (2023), there is a quite surprising plot twist in episode 12 which aired last Sunday (17/9/2023). This is about Cha Ju Man (Lee Seung Joon) who was found murdered in his office. He is also suspected of being the victim of a serial murder case that is currently making a splash in Mujin City.

Interestingly, the episode ended with the arrest of Park Hyuk Kwon, who was suddenly identified as the perpetrator. So, is it true that Park Hyuk Kwon really killed Cha Ju Man?

Come on, take a look at the following review.

  1. Cha Ju Man was unconscious after a drinking party with Bae Ok Hui
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Bong Ye Bun (Han Ji Min) suspects that the mother did not end her own life, but was killed by Cha Ju Man. He also has to read Cha Ju Man’s mind to find out the truth. Then, Bae Ok Hui (Joo Min Kyung) also intends to help her friend, Bong Ye Bun, in uncovering the case.

Next, Bae Ok Hui plans to trap Cha Ju Man by inviting him to drink alcohol until he becomes unconscious. This works, so Cha Ju Man is taken to his office to have his memory read by Bong Ye Bun. At that time, he saw the truth about Cha Ju Man actually pushing Bong Ye Bun’s mother’s car. It can be confirmed that Cha Ju Man is behind the case of his mother’s death.

However, Bong Ye Bun immediately left Cha Ju Man with deep feelings of disappointment. Not long after, Bong Ye Bun’s grandfather came there. This ended with Cha Ju Man being found stabbed to death. However, there is Bong Ye Bun’s grandfather who is also in critical condition holding a patterned knife.

Unfortunately, Bong Ye Bun’s grandfather was named a suspect without a thorough investigation by the police. This was enough to hurt Bong Ye Bun and his family who felt unfair because they were framed.

  1. Moon Jang Yeol suspected Kim Seon Woo of being the perpetrator
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Moon Jang Yeol (Lee Min Ki) already knows that Kim Seon Woo has a grudge against Cha Ju Man. This is the result of the mother’s disappearance after defending the rights to property fraud committed by Cha Ju Man in the past.


Knowing that Cha Ju Man was found murdered in the same way as the perpetrator of the serial murder, Moon Jang Yeol immediately rushed to meet Kim Seon Woo. This was because Moon Jang Yeol had held so many suspicions towards him from the start. Moreover, Kim Seon Woo went home earlier than his part-time schedule.

Despite this, Kim Seon Woo continued to evade Moon Jang Yeol’s accusations. Moreover, Moon Jang Yeol does not have definite proof of this.

  1. Park Hyuk Kwon also has a personal grudge against Cha Ju Man
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Cha Ju Man once committed fraud in a property case in the Mujin City area. He also became an accomplice of Mayor Mujin who was in office at that time. In fact, Cha Ju Man succeeded in inheriting a number of lands that had become disputed after the Mayor’s death.

One of the victims was Park Hyuk Kwon’s biological father. His father was also promised a fair price for a better life for his children and grandchildren if he sold the land he owned. However, Cha Ju Man did not stick to this promise.

It’s not surprising that Park Hyuk Kwon kept it with this politician. He also said that Cha Ju Man deserved to die. Moreover, Park Hyuk Kwon was once caught red-handed at Cha Ju Man’s office while wearing a poncho raincoat and carrying a patterned knife.

At the end of episode 12, Park Hyuk Kwon was suddenly named a suspect in Cha Ju Man’s murder. However, his expression looked confused when he was arrested. Many suspect that this was the same wrong arrest as before.

Of course, the ending of the case is a big question mark in the minds of the audience. The reasons for Park Hyuk Kwon’s arrest have also not been clearly explained. So, don’t forget to look forward to the continuation of the case on Behind Your Touch

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