Castaway Diva

Park Eun Bin spoke out about the controversy over the filming process for the drama “Castaway Diva”. The actress, born in 1992, regretted the controversy related to the filming process for the drama.

For your information, the filming process for “Castaway Diva” was accused of being problematic. Staff allegedly left a pile of rocks they used for filming on a beach in Jeju. There are also critics who say that the filming process was carried out without cooperation and permission from the local government.

Recently, Eun Bin has spoken out about the controversy. According to Eun Bin, this situation may feel unfair to some people depending on their point of view.

“It’s very unfortunate. There are facts beyond facts, and there are situations that the public doesn’t know about, but we can’t do anything about it. There are situations that may feel unfair depending on the perspective,” explained Eun Bin in an interview with Korean media.

Furthermore, Eun Bin emphasized that no party wanted to cause disturbance or controversy. Therefore, Eun Bin regretted the situation.

Castaway Diva

“No one wants to create controversy. Everyone is trying their best, but the things that are expected make people difficult,” she explained.

Previously, the “Castaway Diva” production team had provided clarification and apology for the controversy. According to the production team, they have tried to inform local residents about the details of the shooting process.

“We would like to express our deepest apologies for the inconvenience caused to residents,” said the production team last month.

“Even though we have explained the details of the shooting process first to residents and related parties, there are shortcomings in the execution and correction process. We will do our best to restore the situation as quickly as possible,” he added.

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