Park Eun Bin

Park Eun Bin will soon greet the public through the drama “Castaway Diva”. Before the broadcast, the actress born in 1992 underwent an interview that revealed the purpose especially when agreeing to star in the new tvN drama.

Eun Bin initially revealed the reason for agreeing to star in “Castaway Diva“. “After reading the script, I became curious about the life Mok Ha (the character played by Eun Bin) in the future,” said the actress.

Eun Bin was curious about how the fate of Mok Ha who had been stranded on a remote island. “I wondered about what the future stretched in front of her, considering that she lived on a remote island (before being saved),” he added.

Eun Bin then revealed the specific objectives she wanted to achieve by playing the role of Mok Ha. “I have the goal of finding her answer (his fate) through Mok Ha and changing things that seem impossible to come true with him,” she continued.

Eun Bin then revealed the points she considered when playing the character of Mok Ha. “The most important thing about the character of Mok Ha is the singing and dialect, which I wholeheartedly tried to perfect it,” said the actress.

Eun Bin then expressed her hopes to the audience. “Because I have poured out my heart for the role of Mok Ha, I hope the viewers will also like it as if he is their friend who is from a remote island,” she continued.

On the other hand, “Castaway Diva” tells about Mok Ha, a prospective singer who was stranded on a remote island when she wanted to travel to Seoul to audition. The drama also stars Chae Jong Hyeop and N VIXX.

Meanwhile, “Castaway Diva” was worked on by the director and writer who previously worked on “while you were sleeping” & “start-up”. This drama will premiere on 28 October. Don’t miss watching.

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