Park Eun Bin in Castaway Diva

The “Castaway Diva” production team held a press conference on Thursday (19/10). On that occasion, Park Eun Bin revealed that she experienced a moment of frustration when starring in tvN’s new drama.

Eun Bin revealed that there were many things she had to do to play the character Mok Ha, who dreams of becoming an idol. “Mok Ha is a pure character who has dreams of the future,” said the beautiful actress.

“She is good at singing, plays guitar as a hobby, needs to know how to swim in the sea to survive, and must speak dialect as a basic need,” continued Eun Bin. The actress then admitted her frustration.

“It was a new challenge for me and there were times of frustration, but I worked hard because it was my choice,” continued Eun Bin. However, the actress received praise from the director of “Castaway Diva” who praised her hard work.

Park Eun Bin in Castaway Diva

Eun Bin also revealed why she agreed to star in “Castaway Diva”. However, the actress who was born in 1992 finally realized that she had made a difficult choice. “I agree to play the character Mok Ha with a light heart,” said the actress.

But Eun Bin doesn’t regret her decision. “But then I realized that there were many things to do. I thought, ‘I’ve made a difficult choice’, but I don’t regret it,” continued Eun Bin.

On the other hand, “Castaway Diva” tells the story of Mok Ha, a young woman who intended to audition in Seoul but instead got lost on a remote island. The woman was finally rescued and returned to pursuing her career as an idol.

Meanwhile, “Castaway Diva” is scheduled to be broadcast to fill the Saturday-Sunday night slot replacing “Arthdal Chronicles: The Sword of Aramun”. This drama will air starting October 28. Don’t miss watching it.

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