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Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) 2023 officially opened on Wednesday (4/10). Actress Park Eun Bin admitted that she was nervous because she had to be the solo MC at the BIFF 2023 Opening Ceremony. Lee Je Hoon, who was supposed to accompany Eun Bin, was forced to be absent due to health problems.

Eun Bin herself looked beautiful in a bright blue princess-style dress. Eun Bin’s hair is styled straight and left flowing long. Minimalist accessories in the form of necklaces, bracelets and earrings make Eun Bin’s beauty shine even more.

“I was nervous about being the first solo MC (at the BIFF Opening Ceremony), but I will be strong enough to continue thanks to the energy of Lee Je Hoon and everyone here,” explained Eun Bin.

On the red carpet, the drama star “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” recalled the moment she won the Best Actress award at the Asia Content Awards last year. According to Eun Bin, the recognition and awards he received can give him strength in acting.

“The Busan Film Festival seems to be a forum that provides opportunities and courage for Asian filmmakers,” explained Eun Bin.

“I am very enthusiastic about seeing great works, many domestic and foreign viewers and filmmakers over the next 10 days starting from today’s opening ceremony,” he added. “To everyone’s excitement, the 28th Busan International Film Festival will begin now.”

On the other hand, Eun Bin’s appearance at the BIFF 2023 Opening Ceremony successfully stole the attention of netizens. Many praised the beauty of the star of the drama “The King’s Affection”. Some even liken Eun Bin to the character Elsa from the film “Frozen”.

“Park Eun Bin is like a princess,” commented one netizen. “This photo of Park Eun Bin gives off Queen Elsa vibes… You have done a good job,” said another netizen.

“Park Eun Bin looks charming in a blue dress,” wrote one netizen. “Wow, Eunbin is getting more and more beautiful,” added another netizen.

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