Ong Sung Woo

Ong Sung Woo recently became a guest star on the “Radio Star” program. The actor born in 1995 revealed the fear he felt at the start of acting. At that time, Sung Woo starred in the drama “At Eighteen”.

“I acted for the first time last year. The title was ‘At Eighteen’. I majored in acting at university. Since then, I have always dreamed of becoming an actor. I want to apply the things I learned. I have big hopes,” said Sung Woo.

However, when he first stood in front of the camera, Sung Woo froze. “It feels like I’m trapped. I don’t know where to look. The camera is very intimidating. I’m also afraid of perceptions and bias (regarding actor idols),” continued Sung Woo.

Ong Sung Woo

Sung Woo is grateful that the filming process for his first drama went smoothly even though he initially experienced problems. “Yes, we finished it smoothly. We had a good atmosphere on set, so my tension was reduced,” continued Sung Woo.

Sung Woo recalled how he couldn’t act in his first drama. “During my first drama, I couldn’t act when I had to. I actually planned my acting in every scene,” he confided.

“But when I planned to cry in a certain scene, I couldn’t. After saying the dialogue I couldn’t even act because I was angry. At first I took the wrong approach,” continued Sung Woo.

Sung Woo also received a warning from the director to just express his emotions at once. “One day the director came to me and said, ‘That’s not in the script, but you might get emotional, you can cry if you want’. Then while shooting, I started crying,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Sung Woo is now the main actor in “Strong Girl Nam-Soon“. His acting as detective Kang Hee Sik received a lot of praise from the audience. Unfortunately, Sung Woo cannot actively promote the drama because he is currently in the military.

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