Kim Yoo Jung

Kim Yoo Jung is currently greeting the public through the drama entitled “My Demon”. Interestingly, the actress who was born in 1999 is now being asked for proof after promising to deliver the Best Couple trophy from the 2023 SBS Drama Awards to Song Kang.

Yoo Jung’s promise was revealed at the 2023 SBS Drama Awards which was held on December 31. Because Song Kang couldn’t attend the annual awards event, Yoo Jung took the winning trophy herself.

In her winning speech, Yoo Jung said, “I will convey this award to Song Kang.” The promise made by the actress apparently received special attention from netizens who are now busy asking for proof that the trophy has been handed over to Song Kang.

“We need a receipt as proof he gave her the trophy,” wrote one netizen. “WE NEED PROOF MOTHER YOOJUNG[sic!],” continued another. “You better give us proof, you Yoo Jung shi,” added another netizen.

On the other hand, the 2023 SBS Drama Awards also showed the moment when Yoo Jung felt embarrassed watching her kiss scene in “My Demon”. The actress received a special spotlight from the cameraman when her kiss scene with Song Kang was shown on the screen.

Kim Yoo Jung

Yoo Jung looked so embarrassed to see her own kiss scene. The actress appeared to be covering her face using the host’s cue card in her hand. Yoo Jung then looked shocked when she was announced as the winner of Best Couple with Song Kang.

On the other hand, Yoo Jung and Song Kang also successfully took home the Top Excellence Award (Romance or Rom-Com Miniseries). Song Kang reportedly couldn’t attend because he had other schedules before entering the army.

Meanwhile, “My Demon” has presented 10 episodes. This drama still has 6 more episodes left before being replaced by “Flexx Cop” at the end of January.

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