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With a series of impressive achievements as a rapper, songwriter and actor, it seems that Jaemin is not enough to be treated fairly by SM Entertainment. This is what annoyed the fans and asked the agency to be fair to the idol.

Even to express their frustration, several hashtags asking for justice from the agency that oversees NCT have trended several times on Twitter. Here is some evidence that Jaemin NCT was treated unfairly by SM Entertainment. Check this out!

1. No TikTok videos challenges with other artists

no video of Jaemin’s TikTok challenge with other artists (twitter.com/hourlyjaeminn)

During promotions for the full album NCT DREAM ISTJ, Jaemin’s TikTok videos were allegedly only recorded at music video or concert shooting locations. Of course NCTzens thought this was strange because other members were seen recording it in other locations and doing challenges with other artists.

However, Jaemin revealed to fans that he had actually recorded a TikTok video for the song “ISTJ” with another artist during the Star Chatting Event session. But SM Entertainment has not yet uploaded it to NCT’s official Tiktok account.

2. Get the fewest singing parts

got the fewest singing parts (twitter.com/hourlyjaeminn)

Since his debut in 2016, Jaemin himself has been known as one of the most talented members of NCT. In fact, besides singing and dancing, he also participated in writing NCT DREAM songs, such as the latest “Like We Just Met”.

However, fans suspect Jaemin to be the member who gets the fewest singing parts for comebacks like NCT 2020 for NCT RESONANCE Pt. 1 and 2 as well as NCT 2023 for Golden Age, and the NCT Nation: To The World concert.

3. Same photo on different poster

using the same Jaemin photo in different posters (twitter.com/hourlyjaeminn)

NCTzens also noticed that Jaemin’s poster for the NCT 2023 – NCT Nation: To The World concert was unlike any other. Each member has a unique concept photo for their respective poster, except Jaemin.

When other members use photos with different poses on other posters, Jaemin appears to be left with the same photo. This is what makes fans suspect that SM Entertainment has acted unfairly towards their idol.

4. There is No Jaemin on the poster for the song “Love Again”

Apart from that, fans also find it strange how SM Entertainment can forget Jaemin’s photo in the poster for the NCT DREAM song “Love Again”. This idol who was born in 2000 also didn’t write about his participation in the “Universe” unit which made NCTzen even more annoyed.

Recently it was discovered that Jaemin was also not in the VCR for the hit “Fire Alarm” which will be shown at THE DREAM SHOW: In A Dream concert. According to Haechan’s explanation, Jaemin was absent because at that time he was infected with COVID-19.

5. Always wear Bigger Size of Clothes and Shoes

Jaemin’s clothes and shoes are always too big (twitter.com/hourlyjaeminn)

Even recently fans have been worried about Jaemin’s style directed by their stylist. Apart from being given little or no accessories and a style that seems monotonous, Jaemin also often appears wearing shoes and clothes that are too big.

Considering that the group’s choreography is quite difficult and seems energetic, this certainly makes NCTzens worried because it is dangerous for the idol and has the potential to cause serious injury or trouble. Moreover, NCT has a very busy schedule this year.

The NCzens compactly raised the hashtags #SM_BeFairToJAEMIN and #JaeminDeservesBetter on Twitter to urge SM Entertainment to treat Jaemin better and as fairly as possible. Hopefully get a good solution

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