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Nana has greeted the public through her latest Netflix drama entitled “Mask Girl“. The 1990-born actress played together with Go Hyun Jung and rookie artist Lee Han Byul. The three of them recently attended a press conference ahead of the drama’s screening.

At the press conference, the interaction between Nana and Han Byul was quite interesting. It can be seen that Han Byul was very nervous because this was her first drama press conference. In addition, the actress has been “hidden” by the production team of “Mask Girl”.

Nana, who already had a lot of experience attending press conferences as a singer and artist, also seemed to treat Han Byul very well. Nana was seen holding her junior’s hand when they took a photo together.

In the video which is also viral, Nana seems to be helping guide Han Byul so that she can stand in her position for the photo session. The actress also clapped Han Byul’s hand to reassure her that everything was okay.

Nana’s interaction with Han Byul at the press conference for “Mask Girl” quickly became a hot topic for South Korean netizens. Many have praised Nana but also felt sympathy for Han Byul. While seniority is quite important in Korea, celebrities are always there to look after their juniors.

On the other hand, “Mask Girl” tells of a woman named Kim Mo Mi who is insecure about her true face. Every night, Kim Mo Mi is active as an internet broadcasting jockey (BJ) working while covering her face with a mask.

Mo Mi will be played by two actresses at the same time. The actual version of Mo Mi is played by Hyun Jung. Then Han Byul became a BJ figure who wore a mask. Meanwhile, Nana acts as Mo Mi after getting involved in an unexpected situation.

“Mask Girl” was released on August 18th. For those who are curious, don’t miss watching.

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