Nam Joo Hyuk in Vigilante

The long-awaited drama Vigilante will be released soon. Fans can also treat their longing for Nam Joo Hyuk, who is currently still serving his mandatory military service. He has carried out these obligations since April 20 2023.

Vigilante is an original Disney+ Korean drama adapted from a webtoon. Footage of the character Kim Ji Yong, played by Nam Joo Hyuk, was released on October 18. Nam Joo Hyuk looks ready to amaze the audience with two different sides of Kim Ji Yong’s character in Vigilante.

1. Vigilante is the first action genre drama

Nam Joo Hyuk in Vigilante

Nam Joo Hyuk again challenged himself to star in a different genre from his previous project. Vigilante is his first action drama. For his role, Nam Joo Hyuk underwent training for his action scenes to make them look realistic.

“Vigilante is a webtoon that I really like. I decided to star in this drama because I had a strong desire to play Kim Ji Yong. Because this was my first action project, I discussed a lot with the martial arts team regarding details during filming,” he explained.

It was stated that the Twenty Five Twenty One (2022) actor underwent weight training including boxing, judo and various other martial arts. It is hoped that the rigorous training will make the action scenes meet the expectations of the audience, especially Vigilante webtoon fans who are looking forward to it.

2. Want to show different vibes from two sides of Kim Ji Yong

Nam Joo Hyuk in Vigilante

The character Kim Ji Yong plays has two different sides. He is an exemplary police student during the day. However, Kim Ji Yong turned into a cruel figure who took the law into his own hands against criminals who escaped the law. His action went viral and he was nicknamed Vigilante by the media.

Nam Joo Hyuk revealed, “I believe that this character should show a different vibe when wearing a police uniform compared to his persona as a Vigilante. As a Vigilante, I focused on portraying a darker and more serious figure. Rather than showing emotions openly, I tried to internalize those emotions.”

3. The director praised Nam Joo Hyuk for being able to show important aspects of Kim Ji Yong

Nam Joo Hyuk in Vigilante

Director Choi Jeong Yeol expressed his satisfaction with the casting of Nam Joo Hyuk as Kim Ji Yong. As mentioned, Kim Ji Yong’s character must be able to be expressed from two opposing sides. According to him, Nam Joo Hyuk can emphasize this aspect in his acting.

“In the case of the main character Kim Ji Yong, I hoped to find an actor who could express the line between good and evil with his sparkling eyes, but also radiate sadness. Nam Joo Hyuk portrayed those aspects very well. There were many moments when I felt I was amazed when I watched his acting,” explained the director.

Nam Joo Hyuk co-stars with Yoo Ji Tae, Lee Joon Hyuk, and Kim So Jin in Vigilante. You can watch the first episode of Vigilante on November 8, 2023. Don’t forget to subscribe to Disney+ Hotstar first

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