Nam Joo Hyuk in Vigilante

“Vigilante” is the first action drama in Nam Joo Hyuk’s career. In a promotional interview released recently, the 1994-born actor revealed his hard work to be able to fight well.

Joo Hyuk in his interview said, “‘Vigilante’ is a webtoon that I really like, and I want to play Kim Ji Yong. This is my first action work, so I discussed a lot with the martial arts team about the details.”

Joo Hyuk revealed his different feelings when showing two sides of Ji Yong, namely when he was a police officer and when he was a vigilante. “I feel a very different feeling when wearing a police uniform and when wearing a vigilante outfit,” he said.

Nam Joo Hyuk in Vigilante

However, Joo Hyuk wants to show a different focus from the two sides. “When playing a vigilante, I try to show a darker and more serious aspect rather than showing intense emotional expressions,” he stressed.

Joo Hyuk then revealed that he tried hard to highlight the various aspects of the character he played in “Vigilante”. The actor’s acting also received praise from director Choi Jeong Yeol, who expressed his satisfaction.

“I hope that the actor who plays the protagonist Kim Ji Yong will have an appearance that can represent the line between good and evil, with sparkling eyes and a sad inside. Nam Joo Hyuk plays the character very well, and there are many amazing moments.”

On the other hand, “Vigilante” will follow the story of Ji Yong, an exemplary police student who upholds the value of law during the day. However, the young man became a vigilante at night. Ji Yong takes matters into his own hands against criminals who escape justice.

Meanwhile, “Vigilante” is scheduled for release on November 8 on Disney+. If you look at the broadcast slot, this drama seems to replace the broadcast slot for “The Worst Of Evil”. Don’t miss watching it.

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