Ahn Eun Jin in My Dearest

Ahn Eun Jin and Nam Goong Min achieved great success through the MBC drama “My Dearest”. Recently, Eun Jin revealed that she was hurt by Goong Min’s attitude on the set of “My Dearest”.

This was revealed by Eun Jin when she was a guest star on “Yoo Quiz on the Block”. In the trailer released on Wednesday (6/12), Eun Jin shared her experience of working with Goong Min.

“Working with Nam Goong Min for a year, which is actually not a long time, but still, I think the best way to deal with him is to be honest,” explained Eun Jin.

”Everything he said and did on set was for the success of our project. “At first, he sometimes made me wonder if I was doing something wrong,” she continued.

Ahn Eun Jin in My Dearest

Eun Jin admits that Goong Min’s blunt attitude hurt her feelings. The 1991-born actress also misunderstood Goong Min’s intentions and became sulky.

“Before we became close, I misunderstood Nam Goong Min’s intentions, was hurt, and sulked without telling him,” explained Eun Jin.

Fortunately, Eun Jin was able to be honest about her hurt feelings after getting closer to Goong Min. To her amazement, Goong Min did not hesitate to apologize to Eun Jin.

“But as we got closer, I immediately told him that he had hurt my feelings when a situation like this happened, and he apologized,” he said.

“Now I can freely tell him what I feel, like, ‘Ah, you’re right! But I’m scared. My feelings are hurt when you talk to me like that’,” she added.

On the other hand, “My Dearest” is a melodrama that depicts the love story of Lee Jang Hyun (Goong Min) and Yoo Gil Chae (Eun Jin) in the era of the Qing Dynasty invasion. This drama was a huge success and recorded a rating of 12.9 percent in its final episode.

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