The Korean drama Revenant (2023) will soon finish all its episodes, which are scheduled for Saturday (29/7/2023). There are some mysteries that need to be answered in the four remaining episodes.

This is some questions that needs to be answered in the ending of Revenant

1. Gu San Yeong’s father and Yeom Hae Sang’s mother once tried to exterminate evil spirits, but failed. It is not known the reason for the failure

2. There are still two items that have yet to be found for the sealing of evil spirits to be perfect, namely, a jade hairpin and a glass bottle. Where will they find it?

3. What will Yeom Hae Sang and Gu San Yeong do when they find the location where the jade hairpin and glass bottle are buried?

4. Will the evil spirit kill Yeom Hae Sang and Gu San Yeong just like when their parents both died?

5. Many fans theorize that the attempt to seal the evil spirit this time will be successful with more thorough preparation and qualified collaboration

6. Gu San Yeong gets insights more and more often. It is hoped that the ending of this drama will answer why San Yeong’s sixth sense is getting stronger

7. Besides, the audience is also looking forward to how San Yeong’s eye disease will be. Will she be tempted to follow an evil spirit like her father?

That’s why many audiences can’t wait for the end of the story of the extermination of evil spirits by Gu San Yeong and Yeom Hae Sang. Don’t forget to find the answer in the next episode

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