My Demon

“My Demon” aired two new episodes on Friday (5/1) and Saturday (6/1). However, the two new episodes of the drama pairing Song Kang and Kim Yoo Jung continued to experience a decline in ratings.

According to Nielsen Korea, the 11th episode of “My Demon” achieved a rating of 3.7 percent. For the 12th episode, the rating fell even further, reaching 2.9 percent. The decline in the SBS drama rating finally caught the attention of South Korean netizens.

Many netizens finally suspected that the falling ratings of “My Demon” were due to the increasingly messy plot. The drama, which also stars Lee Sang Yi, currently still has 4 final episodes left.

My Demon

“To be honest, I don’t know what the scriptwriter was trying to say. The plot is messy and all over the place. I want to continue watching the cast, but can’t concentrate on the episode at all,” wrote one netizen.

“For starters, the plot isn’t that interesting,” added another. “The visuals of the main characters exceed our romantic fantasies. However, I have missed a few episodes here and there, if you know what I mean,” concluded another.

“My Demon” has now entered the plot where Jung Gu Won (Song Kang) is free to use his powers again. However, the devil experienced a change where he could shed tears because of the sad fate experienced by his potential human victims.

Gu Won’s past when he was still a human related to Do Do Hee (Yoo Jung) is also shown. Gu Won apparently became a demon after killing many people, including himself, after the death of the woman he loved.

Meanwhile, “My Demon” can actually also be watched on the Netflix streaming site. This drama will be replaced by “Flexx Cop” starting January 26. Don’t miss watching it.

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